Bubble burst, reality smacks !

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15 thoughts on “Bubble burst, reality smacks !

  1. I don’t know from your post if you get this, but it sounds like maybe a bit… I find that when I am back home visiting I get a lot of negative judgement from my community about what I am doing. They don’t get it, as a whole. I have some great friends and family members that are supportive, but the majority and the community at large think I am being careless, flighty, and irresponsible. People don’t really see it as doing something positive for myself, and typically don’t understand that I am not like them, and don’t have the desire to be. This is, in part, why I personally always dread coming home for a visit. Why do people think that the only “right” way to live is to have a traditional 9-5 job and a mortgage?


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