I want to travel differently this time around..

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I want to travel differently this time around




26 thoughts on “I want to travel differently this time around..

  1. Sounds exciting. I’ve been thinking about volunteering. Alternatively, The teaching English as a foreign language course is cheap to do and once you have it, it pays good money. Xx

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    1. People have said that to me a lot, i mean to teach English, the only thing is i’m not that good with kids lol…I mean I have no qualms to volunteer on a farm, or helping people renovate houses or look after pets haha

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  2. I’ve used HelpX (similar to Workaway) and couldn’t recommend it more! Be sure to look for a place and host that really suits – ie in terms of value, lifestyle, etc. You will be staying with them so you don’t want to clash.

    Couchsurfing … I started using it many years ago and haven’t since 2013. It was getting very busy, crowded, and I can only imagine the ‘noise’ factor has gone up since. Especially with the rise of Airbnb too more people may be looking to monetise instead if they can. Plan ahead, send requests early, expect not to hear back from most. There are also other various free accommodation sites (I wrote this post awhile ago http://nzmuse.com/2013/10/couchsurfing-vs-hospitality-club-vs-staydu-vs-global-freeloaders-whats-best-hospitality-exchange-site/) but again, the landscape changes and I’m not sure what things are like now.

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    1. hi, thank you very much for your advise it’s very helpful, a few other friends have now suggested helpx too so will definitely look into that :D. Although I’m exploring these avenues I’ve always been detered from couch surfing from some horror stories But then people have horror stories of hostels so I might as well give it a go. Are you still traveling now?


    1. I’ll be honest, I never really thought about too much in the past but now I want to experience something different and the more I’ve looked into it, it seems like an amazing way to meet new people, meet and live with locals and learn too ….it’s actually getting me quite excited to try it 😀😀 ….are you traveling at the moment?

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        1. I wish I started writing earlier on in my travels, my posts at the moment are all about what I want to do a few about my previous trips, can’t wait to be out there and writing while I’m traveling …how was Italy?


          1. I enjoyed a lot Naples, Pompeye, Roma, Vatican, Florence and Pisa 🙂 I returned yesterday and still a little bit tired, because I walked a lot and tried see as much, as possible 😀
            🙂 Here you can see something:
            Yes -I understand you. I’ve just create this blog in December so I still have also write about my previous experiences. 😀
            Wish you a lot of time and passion to make travels and write about your trips. I will read your post with the pleasure

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            1. Aww thank you, and I will be reading your adventures too …I would love a trip around Italy at some point …I think my next trip will be Spain but maybe later in the year I will go to Italy


              1. Thank you ! Travels are giving opportunities to have great adventures. Because of that I love jouneys so much 🙂
                There are a lot to see in Italy. Hope to return there again and see more cities.
                Really recommend Spain. I am living here from April and I am in love of that country – a lot of places worth to see.


  3. I have been using Couch Surfing and helpX in Australia and definitely recommend them both!
    Couch Surfing is great for making friends for life and seeing life from a local’s point of view. Only downside is there are some hosts with strange motives on there, so make sure you get lots of contact with them beforehand (phone call is good) to get a feel for them – speaking from experience! It can also be mentally draining hopping from host to host and telling your story/squeezing into their lives as it’s usually shorter term stays. So I opted for alternating CS stays with hostels for my sanity :).
    HelpX is a beautiful experience and you can learn so many skills with a good host. My advice is don’t play it safe, choose to help with something you’ve never done before to get as much out of it as possible!
    Love this post by the way 🙂 x

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    1. Hi thanks for that, i appreciate it 🙂

      My plans have changed slightly as I started my own travel website, hence still being stuck in England lol.
      However I am definitely still looking to try something different when I travel. A friend of mine is actually doing the helpX over the summer around Europe too.
      Like you said I definitely want to try something completely different, I want to learn new skills.
      I’m thinking of doing a volunteering hop once I start traveling again. Do you think it’s feesable to hop from one volunteering post to another?


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