To all my subscribers…

This is just a quick note to everybody that has subscribed to me in the past few months, my new site is going live today at 3 pm GMT.

All of you have been migrated over to my new site, – (hence why I have 0 subscribers now) Jetpack has informed me that you will now only receive E-mail notification’s of posts from my new site if you are E-mail subscribers. If you followed me through WordPress you will only be able to see my posts through the reader now. If you would like to receive my future posts by E-mail click the link above and pop your E-mail into the box and my posts will continue to come to you directly.

Forever roaming the world will be coming ive today and my first new post ‘traveling realism’s’ will be published tomorrow.

If you haven’t subscribed yet, come on over and join the ride. 😀



2 thoughts on “To all my subscribers…

    1. the switch over is not so good, as a lot of my followers still keep liking posts on this site and not my new one haha. I post on here to tell people I’ve posted on my new site but the likes only appear on this site, I’m not sure if my new posts are coming through on the reader. Even though I built up quite a following on this site it feels like I’m starting all over again on my new site. Hope your change over is going well for you


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